venerdì 4 settembre 2015

The March of the Barefooted Women and Men

Now is the time to decide which side to take.
It is true that there are no easy solutions and that everything in this world is increasingly complex.
But to deal with the epochal changes of history is necessary to have a position, knowing what the priorities are in order to make choices.
We are on the side of barefoot men.
Of those who need to put their body in danger in order to hope of live or survive.
It is difficult to understand it if you've never had to experience it.
But the absolute migration requires exactly that: completely undress of their own identity in order to hope to find another. Leave everything, putting your own body and that of your children into a boat, a truck, a tunnel and hope that it arrive intact beyond, in an unknown that rejects you, but that you need.
These are the barefoot men of  the twenty-first century and we are with them.
Their reasons may be covered by dozens of infamies, fears, threats, but it is uncivilized and inhumane not listen to them.

The march of the barefooted men start from these reasons and began a long path of civilization.
It is the beginning of a process of change which calls on all men and women of the global world of understand that is in no way acceptable to stop and dismiss those who are victims of injustice military, religious or economic that they are.
it is unthinkable to stop those who run away from injustice, on the contrary help them means fighting against those injustices.
Grant asylum to those who run away from wars, it is to repudiate the war and build peace.
Give shelter to those who run away from religious or ethnic or gender discriminations means to fight for the rights and the freedoms of all people.
Give hospitality to those fleeing poverty, it means not to accept the growing economic inequalities and promote greater redistribution of wealth.

Friday, September 11 we launch from Venice the March of the Barefooted Women and Men.
In hundreds we will walk barefoot to the heart of the international exhibition of cinematographic art.
But we invite all to organize them in other cities of Italy and Europe.

To request strongly the first three necessary changes of the European and global immigration policies:
1. Assurance of safe humanitarian corridors for the victims of wars, disasters and dictatorships;
2. Hospitality dignified and respectful to everyone;
3. Closure and dismantling of all the places of concentration and of detention of migrants;
4. Create a true unique system of asylum in Europe surpassing the Dublin regulation.

So that the story belongs to the barefooted women and men and to our walking together.

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